Friday, October 9, 2009

Zee Avi

Zee Avi. Not many have heard of her. But she's a rising star in her own right and she's a Malaysian to boot. I first heard of her on youtube about 6 months back. Since then she has launched an album and I recently purchased it. The album version left me feeling short changed. Don't get me wrong. It's still good, but she should fire the sound engineer as I felt it wasn't recorder well and the arrangement could have been better.
The live version was livelier, had more punch and well....better. In the album versions, some of the instruments drowned Zee's voice and it was like as though she was the accompaniment. Songs like Bitter Heart and Kantoi....I think record sales would be better if it was the live version, with the different sets of instruments. An example would be Bitter Heart. Why is there a trumpet solo?

Live version

Album version

Anyway, it's not a reflection of Zee. She's talented, has a nice voice and can play a mean yuke! She must be very proud of herself. And I really think this is an example of where the Internet has been made good use of. Without it, people like Zee and Lily Allen might not have been discovered.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Raising 10

I sprained my back yesterday while bending over and pulling some love grass out of my kid's pants. Yea i know. Doesn't sound as macho as spraining my back doing sport of lifting heavy furniture. So yes....I'm getting old.

Anyway, while resting at home, I was watching Jon & Kate plus 8 on TV. It's a reality show of life family of twins and another set of sextuplets. As the series on TV are pretty old, I decided to google them. Man ...was I disappointed. They're getting divorced.

The Gosselin children have been under the limelight ever since they were young and with their parents splitting up, it's gonna be very tough on the kids. Most kids wouldn't be able to google about the parents and find all the smut and gossip news about their estranged parents. The impressions that they have of their parents will definetely be influenced.

Before finding out about the divorce, I had been talking about the missus about the type of attention or publicity that the kids will get. How their lives would change and their exposed to the media. Not many kids get to see themselves on the television. And having a series shot about your whole like is a totally different ball game. I'm really concerned about the repercussions of the divorce on the kids.

Imagine bringing 8 active, noisy and crying kids to the mall. I need to pee, I'm hungry, Mommy, he touched me, I wanna go home. Now multiply that by 8! As a parent of two, I have really been very impressed by how they raised their 8 children of 2 age groups. And regardless of age, there will be arguments and fights among the kids.

It's just to see such turn of events. And the media's having a field day taking advantage and publicising the incident.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I WANT MOMMY!!!! I still remember vividly how my youngest daughter wailed and cried as her mommy went into the departure lounge at the airport. As I walked with the girls to the car, I was worried I would be stopped by the police officers on suspicion of kidnapping. We made it all the way to the car, and all the while, Daphne was crying her eyes out. My arms were slightly sore from carrying my struggling and wailing daughter. That was about a year ago.

Few weeks back, we went to the airport again. This time, since she is older, she is more understanding. We didn't go down of the car though as I didn't want to run the risk of exposing the kids to any of the travels who might have H1N1 at the airport, talk about being paranoid. We waited in the car instead as mommy checked in her luggage. As we sat in the car waiting for the time for mommy to board, we had some very good carrot cake from Coffee Bean. Pretty scrumptious I must say.

Fast forward a week, and it was time to pickup mommy from the airport. In the morning, the kids were already reminding me to make sure to bring them along to the airport. As we was early and mommy wasnt due to arrive for more than an hour, I decided to bring the kids to Toys 'R Us. While driving, my eldest turns to me and says, 'Papa. You don't have to buy anymore toys for me. I already have many (toys). You buy one for yourself.'

I really don't know where kids learn to say these things.....reverse psychology springs to mind.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yummy gummy

So cute...the kids loved it too. :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Schools are safe? Think again.

It's been awhile since I last posted anything. But having read this article, I felt it was my obligation to spread the word as well.

A kid's classmate wanted to take his pencil but the kid didn't allow it. As a result, the classmate grabbed the pencil and poked the kids eye and threw the pencil on the floor!! Talk about being vengeful.

The arrow points to the tear in the poor kid's cornea

When did it become unsafe for kids to go to school? Fine. A kid will always be a kid and get into mischief. But the school did nothing to inform the parents. The school authorities just kept their hands in the pockets and hoped for the best?! The name of the school should be made public and black marked! Does the school think that by leaving the kid alone, the kid will automatically heal?? Let's even say that we give the benefit of doubt, that the school did not know what happened exactly. Open their bloody mouths and asked what happened!! Why would the kid be crying non-stop? How did the grandma, who went to pick up the kid realised that another child and use a pencil on her grandson when the school authorities acted dumb?!

I am sure nobody wants this unfortunate incident to happen at all. But the school should have informed the parents immediately. What if the situation could have been improved by informing the parents or if the school took immediate action, but yet, they did nothing?? Would the school be remorseful if this kid's vision is permanently damaged due to their......words fail me to describe their attitude. Incompetence, laziness, non-chalant, tidak apa, take your pick.